Cylinder Head Kit | Volvo D45BPP / TD42


4200B D45B, 4300 TD42, 4300B EM TD45B, 4300B TD45B, 4300S TD45B, 616/616B D42, 616B D45, 621/641 D42, 622/642 D42, 6300 TD45B, 646 D42, 650 Hemek, D45B, EL70 TD45B, HH TD45B, HH TD45B, L50 D45B, L50 EM, L50S D45B, L70 EM, L70 TD45B, L70S TD45B, MK691/692/693/695, SM958 Hemek, SM958E TD45, T700, TD42, TD45, TD45, Valmet SM862 TD45/901, D42A, D45BPP, TD45B

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